BOOK – A Story in Each of Us

A Story in Each of UsSince 2005, seventy-six Glengarrians have participated in the “Write It Now” Glengarry Encore Education workshops and compiled the stories of their life experiences. A collection from fifty three of these writers was published in 2011 in a Limited Edition of “A Story in Each of Us: Memories of Glengarry Storytellers”.

Their photos and poignant memoirs take you back to a time of innocence when life was simple. The humorous anecdotes will have you laughing or shedding a tear or two and will very likely draw your own buried memories to the surface. The precious knowledge documented within these pages provides family history and origins of the settlers in Glengarry. Through times of war, famine, poverty and peace, the authors’ experiences leave a legacy to our future generations.

“A Story in Each of Us: Memories of Glengarry Storytellers” is sold out but copies are available to borrow from these SD&G County Library branches: Alexandria, Dalkeith, Lancaster, Long Sault, Maxville, and Williamstown.