Updated August 2022


We are a non-profit organization, begun in 2004, by residents of Glengarry interested in
sharing their knowledge, time, and joy in learning with others.
Glengarry Encore is operated by an elected Board of Directors whose goal is providing
workshops that are educational and/or of general interest to adults.


Where is Glengarry Encore located?

Our facilities are in The Gary Shepherd Hall at Island Park, 102 Derby St. West in
Alexandria, ON.

Is there convenient parking?

Yes, there is abundant parking available in the Island Park parking lot.

Where are the classes/workshops held?

Most courses are held in our own classroom in Gary Shepherd Hall, but many
workshops may be held offsite to provide a “hands on” experience. When a class is held
off-campus it is clearly indicated in our course descriptions.

Is there a washroom close by?

Yes, we have washroom facilities (wheelchair accessible).
Courses that are given off-campus have varying levels of washroom facilities. If
accessibility is of concern to you, please inquire before registering for that course.

Is the Encore facility wheelchair accessible?

Yes, wheelchair access is through the main doors to the Gary Shepherd Hall.


Do I have to pay a membership fee?

There is no membership fee.

Must I register 5 days before a course?

As a courtesy to the presenters who may have handouts to prepare it is best to register
at least 5 days before a course.
Classes may be cancelled if insufficient numbers of people registered.

Can I still register if I miss REGISTRATION Day?

Yes, call 613-930-5887 to register by phone OR mail your registration form along with a
cheque to:
Curriculum Committee
Glengarry Encore Education
P O BOX 1315
Alexandria, Ontario K0C 1A0
It is appreciated that you register at least 5 days prior to any course so that handouts or
supplies are available to you and so that a class is not cancelled due to lack of interest.

Are Encore Education classes only for seniors?

No, classes & workshops are open to all adults.


What sort of courses are offered?

There are all kinds of interesting, informational, and educational courses available.
Check out our Schedule-at-a-Glance and Course Descriptions to see what is available.

Where can I find out about courses and workshops?

Course descriptions and schedules are available here on our website and on our
Facebook page.

Is it just crafts that are offered?

No, our courses run the gamut from educational, informative, inspirational, and relaxing,
to just plain fun.

How does Encore choose courses?

Courses chosen by the Curriculum Committee may be requests or suggestions from
members, requests by a potential presenter who wants to share knowledge, garnered
through curriculum members’ investigation skills, and by popular demand.

Are the same courses always offered?

Some of our courses are ongoing, such as WIN (Write It Now), woodcarving, and photo
and book clubs.
We have many repeat presenters, for example, cooking, but with a slightly different
focus with each new course.
Each semester we have many new and unique courses offered.

I would like to take some courses, but I work. Are there evening courses?

We do schedule some evening classes, but these are usually dependent upon the
availability of the presenter, i.e., they work daytime and are available only during the

How can I find out about teaching a course?

We are always interested in new ideas & courses and new presenters. Give us a call
and a curriculum committee member will get in touch with you.
Contact us here through our website
OR call 613-930-5887
OR email us at: [email protected]
OR message us through Facebook

Where do the instructors come from?

Most of our presenters are from North and South Glengarry, but we also have
presenters from Vankleek Hill & Hawkesbury areas as well as Ottawa & Montreal. Our
presenters come from all walks of life generously sharing with us their knowledge and

How qualified are the instructors?

Our presenters are recruited because of their experience or expertise in their chosen

Are instructors paid?

No. Presenters and instructors as well as our Board of Directors, committee members
and Support Workers are all volunteers. If a presenter must travel more than 30km we
will assist with their travel costs.


Why do you charge a fee when the presenters and the board are volunteers?

The course fees help to cover the cost of mileage for presenters travelling more than
30KM, printing & mailing of each semester’s curriculum brochure, break-time
refreshments, office & classroom supplies, replacement furniture, etc.

Why is the supply fee non-refundable even if I cannot attend the event I paid for?

The presenters are advised of the number of participants for their course. They then
purchase the supplies. Encore must pay the supply fee to the presenter even if you
cannot attend. You may ask someone to take your spot and collect your fee from them
or in some cases the office may have a waiting list with someone interested in taking
your place and reimbursing your supply fee.

Is there a policy to provide for cases where unforeseen circumstances mean that a
registrant cannot attend courses paid for?

Each case is brought to the board meeting and considered for a refund on a case-by-
case basis.
Note: supply fee is non-refundable.

How much does it cost to take a course or workshop?

The fee for a one-time course is $15.00, but some courses are ongoing for 2, 3, 5 or
even 10 weeks and the cost for these extended classes is $10 each for more than three
with a maximum of $50.
A semester cost for any clubs as well as WIN (Write It Now) is $30.
Some courses require a supply fee in addition to the course fee. The supply fee is
determined by the course presenter.

How do I pay for workshops?

Payment is made at the time of registration by cash, cheque (payable to: Glengarry Encore
Education Centre), or etransfer.


Why can’t I reach the office?

We do not have office hours. Please leave a phone message at 613-930-5887 or email
us at [email protected] and someone will get back to you.

Who can I reach to ask questions about the courses?

Send an e-mail to: [email protected] or leave a phone message at 613-930-5887
and someone will get back to you.

How can I get a list of courses and workshops? the curriculum? a brochure?

Printed copies can be had by contacting our office by phone 613-930-5887 or e-mail
[email protected]

Why don’t I get info about Encore in the mail? Why am I not on the mailing list?

Once you have registered for a course, your name will be on our mailing list.
Then, as long as you continue taking courses, you should continue to receive our mail-
outs. If you do not take any courses over a 3-year period, your name is removed from
the mailing list. Also, be sure to advise us of any address change.

Why don’t more people know about Glengarry Encore?

We are working very hard to improve our exposure in the community by word-of-mouth,
in print and online.
If you know about us, have taken any of our course, and like what we do, please share
us with your friends & acquaintances.
If there is something about us that displeases you, please don’t hesitate to contact us
and let us know – we will try to rectify it.


Glengarry Encore Education Centre
Gary Shepherd Hall at Island Park
102 Derby St. West
P.O. Box 1315 Alexandria, ON K0C 1A0
[email protected]