BOOK – Glengarry, My New Home

book-coverRead about a Scottish War Bride who waved good-bye to her native home to travel by train, boat and car to join her soldier-husband far off in Glengarry County, Canada.

Smile as you read how a man, who once used a soup spoon to plant a grape vine, learned that Glengarry County, his new home, has soil that produces beautiful prize-winning roses!

Enjoy the story of a local mayor who saved a small Glengarry town from isolation, with a song!
“Glengarry, My New Home – Immigration to Glengarry County 1945 – 2012” is a collection of personal stories set in an historical context. You will learn what was happening in Canada and the world to bring these ninety authors to Glengarry.
“Glengarry My New Home” was published by WIN Publishing (Write It Now) in partnership with Glengarry History and with a grant from New Horizons for Seniors.
ISBN #978-0-9869385-1-1 Printed in Canada: Cornwall City Press

“Glengarry, My New Home” is available directly from Glengarry Encore : Cost: $10 Shipping: $15

The book is also available from the following retailers in the Glengarry area:

Open Me

The Book Nook, 58 Main Street South, Alexandria

Town and Country Flowers, 17 Main St South, Alexandria

Glengarry Fine Cheese, 5926 Cty Rd 34, Lancaster

Auld Kirktown, 20383 Hwy 2 & Hwy 401, South Lancaster

C & N Interior Styling, 204 Military Road Hwy 34 Lancaster

Johnson’s, 2501 Cty Rd 34, Fassifern

Muir’s Bakery, 6 Main St. S., Maxville

Debbie’s Country Corner, 14 Main St. S., Maxville

Penny’s Market, 7100 County Rd 23A, McCrimmon Road, Dunvegan ( EXIT 35 on Hwy 417)

Alex MacDonald Grocer, 19688 John St., Williamstown,

Photos from: Glengarry Encore & WIN Book Launch (Glengarry My New Home) – April 9, 2013